Dealing with matters of the Heartland

Looking to create an original story, Heartland writer/producer Velinda Godfrey has created a story with a central female lead who happens to be gay. In a world where strong female leads are still few and far between this film concentrates on narrowing the divide.

Heartland was born from an idea of Godfrey’s whilst studying with Jeffrey Tambor in his L.A. workshop.  Having no experience or knowledge of “where to start” in the screen writing process Godfrey joined forces with Todd Waring and together they co-wrote Heartland. It focuses on a young girl from Oklahoma who heads back to her mother following the tragic death of her girlfriend. As she searches through her grief she finds escape through an affair with her brother’s fiancé.

The film is directed by Maura Anderson and stars The Big Bang Theory’s Laura Spencer and The Mindy Project’s Beth Grant with Jennifer Wood (producer), Michael Dallatorre (cinematographer), Chris Freihofer (co-producer), and Lauren Connelly (editor) rounding out the production team.

The film is now in production in Oklahoma featuring a mostly female crew and relies on its shoestring budget, much of which came from its crowd funding campaign earlier this year.

This film is not only topical it’s necessary in a world where only 12 % of films in 2014 contained female protagonist, yet three of the most successful films in that year contained powerful female lead characters – Maleficent, Gone Girl and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.

ULC is lucky to bring you a sneak peak of some behind the scenes (BTS) photos of the cast and crew.


Maura Anderson, Velinda Godfrey, Laura Spencer, Beth Grant, Aaron Leddick


Aaron Leddick, Laura Spencer, Velinda Godfrey


Maura Anderson and crew on set